Everything We Do Matters!

A just economy is possible when we all work together!

Fair World Project advocates for a more just economy that puts people over profits.

To get there, we can all play a part. Our calls and emails to Congress and local lawmakers, our petitions to companies, and our participation in demonstrations and actions all add up.

In our action center, you can find our current alerts so that you can take action for a more just economy. You can also read our past actions and get inspired by our victories to date.

Our areas of work generally fall into four categories.

On the fair trade page you can learn about the role small-scale farmers play in our food and agriculture system, the key challenges they face, and the growing movement for fair trade that includes both policy and market initiatives.

On the fair food page you can learn about initiatives to promote a democratically controlled food system that puts the needs of farmers, workers, and eaters over profits. Food sovereignty, corporate responsibility, and appropriate technology are key elements of fair food.

On the fair work page you can explore how to create more dignified livelihoods for workers in food and apparel supply chains.

On the climate page you can see how the climate crisis affects farmers and workers and what they are doing to fight back.

A just economy is possible when we all work together!