Alter Eco

Nourishing foodie, farmer and field through sustainable foods from around the world. Our mission is global transformation through ethical relationships with small-scale farmers and sustainability at every point on the supply chain. We invite you to join us in finding your Alter Eco.

Chocolate and Love

Chocolate and Love is a growing family-run business that supports equitable trade relationships to drive social change from crop to consumer in the world of organic chocolate. An ethical business with partnerships that are contributing to the livelihood of farming communities. Sustainability through information, education and industry certification speaks to the essence of the Chocolate and Love brand.

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is the only fairtrade chocolate company which is owned by its cocoa farmers. While Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry. That’s good business!

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s is the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America and is a leading brand worldwide. The company produces a variety of fair trade and organic natural body care and food products and is an independent, family-owned business based in California. They launched a line of fair trade and organic chocolate in August of 2021 as a direct result of their mission to make socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality. Their products are certified fair trade by Fair For Life.

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange’s vision is to create and foster a deep and far reaching cooperative model, with Equal Exchange serving as the engine of a complex economic network of two million producers, workers, investors, merchants, activists, and consumers who are using their land, labor, capital and votes to create the world they want to live in and leave for their children.

Theo Chocolate

Since 2006, we’ve been making the highest quality chocolate from the world’s best cocoa beans, grown in the most sustainable ways possible. It’s our way of putting our passion into practice.