Fair trade is more than just a label. It is a movement to change the balance of power in trade. From short videos on a smaller topic to more in-depth documentaries, these videos are designed to be the starting point for conversations at work or in the classroom. Find more free, downloadable resources on fair trade, worker justice, climate change, and the connections between all of them on our Get Informed page.

Fair Trade and Small-Scale Farmers

Our food system depends on small-scale farmers and workers, yet unfair trade policies, climate change, and corporate consolidation threaten their livelihoods. Fair trade farmer groups are organizing to create an alternative—trade that puts people and the planet before corporate profits.

The Fair Trade Story

Fair trade is a movement of small-scale farmers organizing to change the terms of trade, access the global marketplace, gain a fair price, and improve the lives of their families and communities. This animated short film provides a succinct and entertaining introduction to the fair trade movement.

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Free Trade vs. Fair Trade

We need public policies that truly benefit the public, so everyone can prosper—not just a handful of powerful corporations. But free trade agreements, written in secret, lock in corporate interests. Fair trade offers us an alternative—trade based on cooperation, transparency, and justice.

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Fair Trade and Climate Change

Climate change is already having a negative impact on small-scale farmers. Unpredictable weather patterns bring new crop diseases and pests, hurt crop yields, and lower incomes. Regenerative organic farming practices can help protect farmers and farmworkers from some of the damaging impacts of climate change:

Fair Trade and Regenerative Agriculture: Climate Solutions for All

When you support fair trade, you’re also supporting grassroot climate solutions. Learn how small-scale farmers are bringing together traditional organic farming practices with new ideas that tackle climate change and support their communities.

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Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet

Industrial agriculture is pushing the pace of climate change. But there’s a solution: small-scale farmers are practicing regenerative, organic agriculture—and growing 70% of the world’s food.

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Campaign Videos

Our campaigns amplify the voices of farmers, workers, and activists from across fair trade and labor justice movements. Check out our active alerts and take action today.

Corporate Consolidation and the COVID-19 Crisis

Corporate consolidation was already a threat for small businesses and small-scale farmers. Now COVID-19 could leave us with even fewer options.

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Introducing: The International Guide to Fair Trade Labels

“What’s the difference between all of these fair trade labels?” The new International Guide exposes which standards put farmers and workers first, and which are focused more on corporate marketing and PR.

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Tell Madewell and J.Crew: No Fairwashed Jeans!

Madewell and J.Crew launched a line of “Fair Trade Certified Denim” but there is one thing missing: the fair trade certified cotton. That’s why we’re calling on Madewell and their parent company J.Crew to stop fairwashing and commit to actually using fair trade cotton for their “Fair Trade Denim Jeans.”

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Tell Starbucks: Drop Slave Labor, Choose Real Fair Trade

Twice in nine months, labor inspectors found slave labor on Braziilian plantations where Starbucks buys their C.A.F.E. Practices certified coffee. Their in-house certification scheme claims “99% ethical coffee”, but it’s becoming more and more clear: These standards are glossing over a serious problem.

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Fair World Project Webinars

Check out Fair World Project’s webinars to learn more about fair trade, worker justice, and regenerative farming straight from some of the movement and industry leaders that shape that work around the globe.

World Fair Trade Organization’s Response to COVID-19

Fair World Project’s political director, Ryan Zinn, speaks with Erinch Sahan, the Chief Executive Officer of the World Fair Trade Organization about the impact of COVID-19 on the fair trade movement and how we can band together to support small-scale producers and recover toward a more just economy.

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Organizing for a Green New Deal with Mackenzie Feldman

Fair World Project’s political director, Ryan Zinn, speaks with Mackenzie Feldman about building a Green New Deal rooted in justice. Feldman is the founder of Herbicide-Free Campus and a Food and Research Fellow for Data for Progress.

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Videos en Español

Nosotros entendemos que es tan importante que tengamos recursos disponibles en Español, especialmente de los asuntos de comercio justo y pequeños productores. Gracias por su paciencia mientras creamos más videos para esta sección.

Lxs Pequeños Productores Enfrían el Planeta

Esta documental destaca el papel de la agricultura industrial en el cambio climático y presenta las formas en que los pequeños productores están combatiendo la crisis climática a través de la agricultura orgánica regenerativa.

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Comercio Justo vs. Libre Comercio

Necesitamos políticas públicas que realmente beneficien al público, para que todos puedan prosperar, no solo un puñado de corporaciones poderosas. Pero cuando se trata de acuerdos de libre comercio, la explotación de las personas y el planeta es muy común. El comercio justo nos ofrece una alternativa: comercio basado en la cooperación, la transparencia, y la justicia.

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